Harrison White ... a change is in the air - HWIT Creative Branding Agency
HWIT Creative are an integrated branding, design and digital agency. For over 30 years our craft has been moulded around large brands and industries. Being a small creative agency also means that we know how to nurture small businesses (SME’s) too.
Digital agency, website design, packaging, creative design, Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
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Harrison White … a change is in the air

In September 1989, fresh out of art college, I remember walking in to our new Cheltenham studio for the first time. In those days the room would have been filled with the sound of deafening airbrush compressors, the sight of magic marker ink splatters up the wall, and a distinct smell of artwork cleaners (or lighter fluid because is was cheaper), who could ever have predicted how our industry would evolve?

Fast forward a quarter of a century, and our senses have been re-tuned to the point that soon we’ll have digital devices hardwired straight into our eye balls. We’re constantly blogging about our business and being more social than ever before (well, in theory).

25 years in business!
WOW! It’s only right that we give this milestone the recognition it deserves. Can you feel it? There’s a change in the air, something pure, something creative…