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So, five years and yet another milestone, and yet another change of logo. Call me lazy by changing just two digits, but hey, I just like the logo too god-damn much.

There is however another significant element to the new logo; that being the colour GREEN.

Is green the new … ?
The world is slowly waking up to the fact that we’re in a climate emergency. Don’t worry, I’m not about to get political on here. But it is something that needs addressing, and FAST! PureCreative’s journey during the past five years has been an environmentally friendly and a truly inspiring one with major projects for Recycle Now, Love Your Clothes, Love Food Hate Waste and Coventry University to name a few. Whilst it’s a good feeling to be more educated on how everyday life affects the environment, we also feel a little uneasy on the issues that face us all.


Is there secret to creativity?
30 years is just a blip, at least it feels like it is even if ‘the number’ suggests otherwise. We can all recall key moments that make a life – our life. Trouble is, those moments feel like yester-day, or at a stretch yester-year, but not yester-decade(s).

“If you are wearing a smile then it must reflect in the end result, right?”

At PureCreative we believe that everything should be given ‘its’ time. Unnecessary stress isn’t good for the soul, stress is bad, stress is evil.

It is imperative that the creative journey is an enjoyable one. Let the chips fall where they may. If you are wearing a smile then it must reflect in the end result, right?

Blending your time with a healthy balance of creativity, family and tearing down trails on a mountain bike is what we would call; the ‘perfect’ day. Of course, everyone has their own environment in which to thrive. But we believe we have found our perfect ‘zen’ space.

Can you ever know everything?
You’d expect to be able to call yourself an expert if you do something for 30 years. Whilst that is true we are always excited to learn new tricks. New mediums and improved processes are always present in our industry. That is exciting, we love being at the forefront of those technologies.

In the same breath, we still hold dear the traditional values from back-in-the-day. You cannot, MUST NOT set aside traditional do’s and don’ts. The old and new will always compliment the other.

As a small and perfectly formed full-fat branding agency we service every possible facet of branding. As well as the services and skills you would expect we also offer photography, translations, animations for social media, instructional YouTube videos and … well, everything in between and anything that is to come.

With no complex management structure to pay for, we can keep costs much lower than our larger cousins, and shorter lines of communication make it easier to get things done. It also means our clients have a direct line straight to the people who run the show.
So we think small is good, small is smart.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I guess all that is left now is to leave you with our mantra:

We are committed to integrating a green lifestyle in our work and applying it to all facets of branding. While we always strive to make a big impact with your promotions, we certainly don’t want that impact to be on the environment.

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