CSSC teamed up with the HM Government for the Active Wellbeing Week. HWIT Creative were asked to create the brand and materials for this motivational and inspirational week in July.



The CSSC collaborated with HM Government for the Active Wellbeing Week. It is tailored for the entirety of the UK Civil Service. This collaborative effort aimed to foster a culture of wellness and vitality throughout the government sector. By joining forces, they endeavored to curate a week-long initiative dedicated to promoting physical activity, mental health, and overall wellbeing among Civil Service employees across the United Kingdom. HM Government for the Active Wellbeing Week


The campaign was strategically devised to instigate behavioral shifts within the Civil Service community. It empowered individuals to commit to health and wellbeing pledges, ranging from simple choices like opting for stairs over elevators to ambitious pursuits such as participating in marathons. By promoting these varied commitments, the initiative aimed to cultivate a culture of mindful choices and active living among Civil Service members, emphasizing the significance of incremental changes towards a healthier lifestyle.


HWIT Creative meticulously crafted the entire Active Wellbeing Branding initiative from its inception. The comprehensive AWW pack has an array of essential elements such as pledge cards, chair wobblers, posters, balloons, and more. This diverse assortment reflected their commitment to promoting holistic wellness and engaging participants through various innovative means.


The success of the Active Wellbeing Week was resounding as it inspired individuals to venture into new experiences, revive former hobbies, and attain fresh milestones. This initiative served as a catalyst, motivating participants to explore diverse activities, reignite past interests, and set and accomplish personal wellness objectives. Its impact was evident in the enthusiasm and engagement it generated, fostering a culture of proactive self-care and continuous personal growth among its participants.


“Impressed that Steve at HWIT Creative grasped our needs of a brand new logo for a nationwide campaign ‘Active Wellbeing Week.’ When feedback was needed, the new versions or modifications were always made quickly and we really appreciated HWIT Creative’s flexibility and efficiency. It was a pleasure to work with Steve, easy to communicate with and the end result was spot on.”

Daisy Clarke (Sports Development Executive)