Cotswold EV Charging is a startup Electric vehicle charge point installation business. HWIT Creative love working with SMB’s


We love working with startup’s and SMB’s


We love working with startup’s and SMB’s. In 2022, driven by a passion for green technology, Oli Beart established Cotswold EV Charging; a startup business dedicated to providing exceptional electric vehicle (EV) charge point installations. Focusing primarily on homeowners with electric cars Oli also extends his services to commercial premises across the Cotswolds. With a commitment to advancing the adoption of sustainable transportation, Cotswold EV Charging reflects Oli’s dedication to fostering the growth of green tech and supporting the transition to electric vehicles in the local community.


Cotswold EV Charging’s website is strategically designed with the primary objective of generating leads and amplifying brand awareness. Leveraging effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and seamless integration with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) paid advertising, the website aims to establish a robust online presence. The success of this approach is underscored by a meticulous focus on thorough research, proving instrumental in achieving outstanding SEO results and enhancing the visibility of Cotswold EV Charging. This digital strategy positions the company as a prominent player in the electric vehicle charging sector, attracting potential clients and fostering sustainable growth.


The evident success in lead generation is a testament to the effectiveness of Cotswold EV Charging’s strategic approach. With the business flourishing under Oli’s leadership, we extend our heartfelt best wishes for sustained success and continued growth in the future. The impressive outcomes reflect not only the dedication to providing excellent EV charge point installations but also the adept execution of digital marketing strategies, positioning Cotswold EV Charging as a thriving and forward-thinking player in the electric vehicle charging industry.


“Starting a business from scratch was an exciting, but daunting prospect. I knew how to do the job, but I did not know how to reach my target market. In a rapidly growing and competitive sector I sought to offer a personal service and differentiate myself from the larger, national offerings. HWIT Creative understood my requirements and proposed a website solution that has been vital to the success of my new business. HWIT Creative provided invaluable guidance and shortly after the website went live I began to receive customer enquiries. Customers repeatedly comment on the fact they have made contact after finding the website to be clear and professional. I look forward to continuing to call upon the exceptional services of HWIT Creative as my business evolves and expands in the coming years.”

Oli Beart (Electrician and business owner)