HWIT Creative created the FireBlitz branding back in 2011 and has been caretaker of the brand ever since. We were very excited when we were asked to bring the website up-to-date and on brand.



HWIT Creative act as a caretaker of the FireBlitz brand. This project aimed to craft a dynamic and adaptable website equipped with user-friendly information download sections. This involved creating a platform that seamlessly adjusted to various devices while offering easy access to a range of downloadable resources. The goal was to develop a responsive interface that not only provided essential information but also simplified the process for users to acquire relevant materials, ensuring a positive and efficient browsing experience for all visitors.


With a longstanding partnership spanning more than 25 years alongside the Fireblitz management team, this project unfolded as a natural and seamlessly orchestrated endeavor. Having an intimate knowledge of the brand and its extensive product line, HWIT Creative adeptly translated this familiarity into a polished and modernised website. Leveraging their deep understanding of the brand’s essence and offerings, they effortlessly integrated these elements into the creation of a fresh and vibrant online platform.


The revamped FireBlitz website stands as an impeccable front-of-house asset. Its comprehensive provision of pertinent technical information accessible to end users, distributors, specifiers, and Fire and Rescue Services represents a groundbreaking enhancement for daily operations. This newfound accessibility to essential data ensures seamless interactions and operations for a wide spectrum of stakeholders, streamlining processes and empowering informed decision-making across the board.


“Once again, Steve delivered a first-class piece of work for our new website. He listened carefully and instinctively knew what we wanted, subsequently liaising closely with our team to produce the perfect front-piece for our business.”

Jason Perrins (Managing Director)