(a trading name of Homewatch Ltd.) wanted to extend their product listings to the public.

HWIT Creative obliged with an all singing all dancing e-commerce website



To design and build a responsive e-commerce website with information download portals.

The products on this website will be available to the whole of the UK but will pay particular attention to the change of Scottish legislation with the amendments to the Housing (Scotland) Act and Scottish Housing Quality Standard. This requires the widespread purchase and installation of interlinked smoke, heat and CO detection throughout properties in Scotland.


The revamped website serves as an excellent front-facing tool, streamlining the process for everyone to purchase alarms directly from the site. This enhanced accessibility not only simplifies life but also provides round-the-clock access to crucial technical information for the public, distributors, specifiers, and Fire and Rescue Services. The convenience of being able to obtain alarms directly from the website and access vital technical details anytime significantly enhances user experience, ensuring seamless transactions and readily available information for a diverse range of stakeholders within the fire safety domain.


“ Extremely pleased with the website that HWIT Creative built for us.  We wanted a new, modern, clear and bright website with a secure and flexible e-commerce platform.  Having seen HWIT Creative’s designs we were sure they would deliver. Steve was great to deal with and always friendly, helpful and responsive.  He knew precisely what we wanted and the end result looks great.”

John McAlister (Director)