Recycling unwanted IT equipment for schools in Africa and the UK: ITSA Digital Trust selected HWIT to fashion a fresh brand identity and marketing materials as part of a 5 year strategy.



With 34% of the global population still offline (ITU, 2022), the transformative power of digital technology has yet to reach everyone. In Africa, the early stages of digital education face hurdles, from a scarcity of computers to a lack of skills and inadequate infrastructure. Meanwhile, in the UK, digital deprivation persists, creating societal divides and excluding those without access or proficiency in technology. At ITSA Digital Trust, our mission is clear: to enhance opportunities in both Africa and the UK by increasing access to computers and fostering IT education. By addressing these digital disparities, we aspire to empower individuals, ensuring that technology becomes a tool for inclusivity rather than a barrier.


The creative journey undertaken by HWIT Creative and ITSA Digital Trust was marked by meticulous attention to detail. Both entities were committed to getting the logo just right, and the process evolved seamlessly towards incorporating a sustainable goals messaging that resonated perfectly. In addition to crafting the ideal logo, we extended our creative prowess to develop comprehensive marketing materials and design the ITSA annual report – a crucial document enriched with vibrant infographics, compelling imagery, and a distinct stylistic touch. The collaborative effort not only met but exceeded expectations, bringing to life a visual narrative that aligns with the ethos and objectives of ITSA Digital Trust.


The freshly unveiled ITSA Digital Trust branding hits the mark, encapsulating the essence of the charity with precision. It serves as a visual representation that not only aligns with the organisation’s values but also propels growth while seamlessly fulfilling the objectives outlined in the five-year strategy. The new branding stands as a testament to the commitment and vision of ITSA Digital Trust, setting the stage for a future where its impact is not only recognised but deeply resonates with its audience.


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Jenny Evans (Marketing and Business Devleopment)