HWIT Creative crafted Pier Architecture’s new branding, photo imagery, and website. Setting the standard for architectural excellence and attracting new business prospects.



Pier Architecture serve a diverse range of clients, spanning from premium car dealerships to small to medium-sized developer housing and commercial properties, as well as residential housing extensions. To effectively showcase their expertise in these varied sectors, Pier Architecture’s new branding photo imagery and website had to address the unique needs and expectations of each clientele. Whether it’s the sleek and modern designs for luxury car showrooms, innovative solutions for developer housing, or thoughtful approaches to residential extensions, the website serves as a comprehensive platform, reflecting the versatility and excellence of Pier Architecture in meeting the demands of their clients. 


Pier Architecture‘s branding overhaul, striking photo imagery and a redesigned website, is singularly focused on attracting clients of a premium nature. The intentional design elements and visual appeal of the brand, coupled with the carefully curated website content, aim to resonate with a discerning audience. The cohesive approach ensures that every aspect of Pier Architecture’s online presence is tailored to showcase their commitment to excellence and innovation, thereby positioning the firm as the top choice for clients with a penchant for premium architectural services.


Crafting a premium brand identity for Pier Architecture, HWIT Creative incorporated a personal touch by integrating the hand-written signature of Bill Pier into the logo. The elegance and uniqueness of Bill Pier’s signature became a focal point, influencing the overall aesthetic of the brand. In harmony with the company’s ethos and drawing inspiration from their remarkable headquarters in Cirencester and esteemed client list, the brand radiates sophistication. Designed strategically, the brand not only captures the essence of Pier Architecture but is also tailored to allure additional premium clients who seek the exceptional and personalised touch that defines the firm’s architectural prowess.


“Testimonial is on its way…”

Bill Pier (Architect and Managing Director)

Architecture's new branding photo imagery and website