The collected food waste can be treated in several ways. It is often commercially composted at a local facility and then used in agriculture, landscaping and horticulture. Where food waste is collected separately it is usually treated using a method called anaerobic digestion, which produces green electricity.



These templates have been specifically crafted for the benefit of local authorities and businesses across England and Wales. Provided free of charge with WRAP’s authorization, these resources are easily accessible for download via their website. Designed to assist in promoting sustainable practices and facilitating efficient waste management, these templates aim to support organizations in creating impactful materials that promote responsible recycling and environmental awareness within their communities.


The availability of these free-to-use materials serves as a significant advantage for local authorities and businesses, enabling them to create visually compelling and message-driven content without substantial financial investment. This accessibility plays a pivotal role in fostering responsible recycling practices among both the general public and businesses. By offering cost-effective resources, these materials empower entities to communicate effectively about recycling, facilitating a widespread understanding and commitment to responsible waste management practices within communities and among businesses, thus contributing to a more sustainable environment overall.


The central objective of the Recycle Now project was to generate a series of versatile template documents applicable across various mediums like social media graphics, leaflets, pull-up banners, vehicle graphics, posters, and more. Beyond simple text editing capabilities, our innovation extended to enabling users to modify individual CGI elements within Photoshop using layered editing. This unique feature granted users the flexibility to easily toggle the visibility of specific items, allowing customization to align precisely with their needs and preferences. Thus, users had the freedom to adapt the graphics according to their requirements, enhancing the utility and adaptability of the templates.


I worked with HWIT Creative designing/redesigning promotional literature and digital assets.

I can highly recommend the HWIT Creative team and found their quality of work to be spot on. This is obviously important but what was equally impressive was ability to listen and understand what was required, challenge and add to our ideas and deliver quickly to deadlines. As an individual Steve; the Creative Director is friendly, open, flexible and very easy to work with. I also found HWIT Creative rates to be competitive for this level of delivery

Richard Clapham (Consumer Campaign Project Manager, WRAP)