HWIT Creative created the Recycle Now Resource Material Templates. We have an in-depth knowledge of the Recycle Now brand and recycling practices in England and Wales.



Recycle Now Resource Material Templates have been specifically designed for utilisation by local authorities and businesses spanning across England and Wales. Offered free of charge with WRAP’s authorisation, these templates are readily downloadable via their website. Intended to facilitate sustainable practices and streamline operational processes, these accessible resources aim to support a wide range of organisations in their efforts to adopt eco-friendly initiatives, promoting environmental consciousness and efficient practices throughout their operations.


The accessibility of these free materials serves as a boon for local authorities and businesses, enabling them to craft visually appealing and on-brand materials without incurring substantial costs. By leveraging these resources, organizations can communicate their messages effectively while maintaining a minimal financial outlay. This initiative not only aids these entities but also contributes significantly to promoting responsible recycling practices among the general public and businesses alike. The availability of cost-effective tools encourages widespread adoption of eco-conscious behaviors, fostering a culture of responsible waste management and sustainability.


The primary goal of the Recycle Now project centered on developing a series of versatile template documents tailored for various purposes like social media graphics, leaflets, pull-up banners, vehicle graphics, posters, and more. Beyond customisable text, our approach involved enabling users to modify individual CGI elements within Photoshop using layers. This innovative feature allowed users the flexibility to toggle visibility of specific items according to their needs, empowering them to customise graphics effortlessly. Moreover, we offered the option to add or remove lids, ensuring adaptability and ease of use for a wide range of recycling-related materials.


I worked with HWIT Creative designing/redesigning promotional literature and digital assets.

I can highly recommend the HWIT Creative team and found their quality of work to be spot on. This is obviously important but what was equally impressive was ability to listen and understand what was required, challenge and add to our ideas and deliver quickly to deadlines. As an individual Steve; the Creative Director is friendly, open, flexible and very easy to work with. I also found HWIT Creative rates to be competitive for this level of delivery

Richard Clapham (Consumer Campaign Project Manager, WRAP)