Tomcat needed photos of their range of trikes in real life scenarios. So HWIT orchestrated the location photoshoot in Pittville Park, Cheltenham


HWIT orchestrated the location photoshoot


Founded in 1998, Tomcat emerged with a mission to empower individuals with learning or sensory impairments to experience the joy of cycling. Recognising the limitations of existing disability trikes, which predominantly catered to those with physical difficulties, Tomcat aimed to break down barriers and include a broader spectrum of the disabled community. Today, the organisation is committed to ensuring that no physical limitation or learning difficulty becomes a hindrance to enjoying the freedom of cycling. Over the span of more than two decades, Tomcat has relentlessly innovated and engineered pioneering solutions, enabling children and adults alike to safely explore the world outside, regardless of their unique challenges. The ultimate goal is to liberate individuals from the confines of their homes, fostering inclusivity and enriching lives through the simple joy of cycling.


HWIT orchestrated the location photoshoot. The purpose of this shoot was to capture disability trikes in action within real-life scenarios, showcasing the enjoyment and freedom that cycling brings. Designed to go beyond traditional depictions, these images aim to illustrate the practicality and joy associated with using disability trikes in various situations. By emphasising the positive experiences and the sense of liberation that cycling provides, the photoshoot aims to challenge stereotypes and promote inclusivity, encouraging a broader understanding of the possibilities and pleasures of adaptive cycling.


Despite the challenges posed by the time of year and an unfavourable weather forecast, our determination prevailed as we orchestrated seven locations, nine Tomcat trikes, and involved 23 models in the photoshoot. Fuelled by Kit-kats and copious amounts of coffee, the day unfolded seamlessly. Steve, our dedicated photographer, seamlessly transitioned between capturing moments with his camera and gently guiding the children and parent models to create the perfect, fun-filled ambiance. The collaborative effort, combined with energy-boosting treats, contributed to a successful photoshoot that beautifully captured the spirit of enjoyment and inclusivity surrounding Tomcat trikes.


The outcome of the photoshoot has furnished Tomcat with a diverse library of images showcasing their trikes in various real-life scenarios. This visual content serves as a valuable resource for Tomcat across multiple platforms, including their printed catalogues, website, European exhibition designs, and social media channels. The collection of images not only captures the versatility and functionality of Tomcat trikes but also provides a dynamic and engaging visual narrative for their audience, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and the joy of cycling for individuals with unique challenges.


“Exceptional experience with HWIT Creative! Their creativity and attention to detail during our photography shoot surpassed expectations. The team captured our company’s essence flawlessly, delivering stunning visuals that elevate our brand. Five stars for their talent, professionalism, and outstanding results!”

Nazia White (Marketing Manager)