Tomcat has helped thousands of disabled children and adults through their willingness to innovate. HWIT Creative love working with clients who really care and make a difference…



Tomcat has helped thousands of disabled children and adults, constituting its primary audience. The organization aims to assist this demographic through various channels, including operational therapists, parents, caregivers, charitable institutions, cycling schemes, and events. By engaging with these diverse channels, Tomcat endeavors to fulfill its mission of offering aid, resources, and opportunities to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities and those within the broader community requiring support and specialized care.


HWIT Creative was tasked with developing a fresh brand that encapsulated both the history and future aspirations of the disability, wellbeing, and independence sectors. This newly crafted brand identity was seamlessly integrated across the entire company, resulting in a unified and contemporary presence within the industry. Through their work, HWIT Creative successfully established a cohesive and forward-looking image that reflects the company’s evolution and dedication to serving these important facets, fostering a modern and consistent presence across the disability, wellbeing, and independence spheres.


“The best strategic move we’ve made to date. HWIT Creative has been instrumental in raising the profile of our brand and showcasing our Tomcat story. Getting the pitch right was the first hurdle as we’re a tough bunch, but Steve’s genuine enthusiasm and experience in design very quickly came to light.

Our logo needed to visually show what our organisation stood for and why we’ve been in business for 20 years in the disability sector. After a few reiterations of the logo HWIT Creative hit the nail on the head, so to speak. And for the first time in 20 years the logo was exactly what the MD and staff envisioned to represent the company.

Since rebranding Tomcat has seen an exceptional increase in enquiries and leads from overseas and organisations that previously did not know Tomcat existed. We can genuinely say that by rebranding with the help and insight of HWIT Creative our organisation has gone from strength to strength. Ultimately this means that we can reach more disabled children and adults to access cycling.

Thank you to HWIT Creative – you have really changed the way our organisation is perceived and if anyone is in any doubt of whether to rebrand or not our advice is to find the right design team to help you  – we certainly did and it was the best business strategic move we’ve made to date.”

Nazia White (Head of Marketing and Communications)