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Websites are more than just pretty images on a screen; they serve as an organic representation of your brand’s narrative.

A website design service is a professional offering that encompasses the entire process of conceptualising, creating, and launching websites.

These services are provided by skilled designers, developers, and often involve a collaborative effort to ensure the final product meets the client’s objectives. From understanding the client’s brand identity and target audience to crafting visually appealing layouts, choosing color schemes, typography, and incorporating user-friendly navigation, a website design service covers a broad spectrum of creative and technical tasks. It goes beyond aesthetics, delving into responsive design to ensure seamless functionality across various devices and screen sizes. These services often include optimizing the website for speed, performance, and search engines, as well as integrating interactive elements and functionalities. In essence, a website design service is dedicated to transforming ideas into dynamic online platforms that not only leave a lasting impression but also effectively communicate the client’s message to their digital audience.

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As a website design agency, our core focus revolves around the art of crafting digital experiences. Within our agency’s creative ecosystem, our in-house team diligently engineers fully responsive and tailor-made WordPress websites.

Our expertise is not confined to code and design alone – we are branding aficionados. We meticulously align each website with your established brand, seamlessly integrate it into your required niche, and harmonise it with your marketing goals. With every project we undertake, we deliver a digital embodiment of your brand that not only looks great but also resonates with your audience.

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Absolutely, you’ve heard correctly! With our services at hand, you’ll gain comprehensive control over your website. Here at HWIT, we extend to you full access to the admin area of your website, empowering you to effortlessly manage, update, and curate its content.

From this central hub, you’ll have the capability to add, modify, or remove products and pages at your convenience. This entails editing product descriptions, prices, variations like size and color, categorization, stock levels, tax rates, shipping preferences, and even images. We’ve gone the extra mile – you’ll even be equipped to set up coupons, enhancing your marketing strategies. Moreover, there’s no limit to the quantity of products you can introduce, whether they’re physical items or digital downloads.

To ensure you navigate this newfound control with confidence, we provide a comprehensive one-off training session. This training will ensure you’re well-versed in maneuvering the admin area and employing all these features effectively. Additionally, our guidance doesn’t end there; we’re committed to offering ongoing support whenever you require it. At HWIT, we’re not just designing your website, we’re empowering you to own and shape your online presence with finesse.


For selling your products and services

Specialising in e-commerce, we harness the power of WooCommerce – a versatile, fully customisable e-commerce platform intricately woven into the WordPress framework.

With WooCommerce’s robust capabilities, we craft online shopping experiences tailored to your unique requirements. Seamlessly integrating with an expansive selection of payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, SagePay, and Worldpay, we ensure smooth transactions for your customers.

Our approach is centered on your vision. Our proficient in-house team of website designers and developers work in harmony to bring your specifications to life. This collaborative journey results in a website that encapsulates your brand essence and resonates with your audience. Should your brand already possess a distinct identity, we seamlessly harmonize the website design to complement it, maintaining consistency and reinforcing your message. Alternatively, if branding is yet to be defined, we offer flexible branding packages that encompass various elements such as color palettes, logo design, and more. At every step, our aim is to create an e-commerce platform that not only embodies your business but also elevates it, delivering a seamless and captivating online shopping experience.

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